40 families want to adopt newborn found on Lalmonirhat street – The Daily Star

At least 40 families from different parts of the country have shown interest in adopting the newborn police rescued from the street in Lalmonirhat yesterday.
The couples talked over phone with police and requested for adoption, said Shaha Alam, officer-in-Charge of Lalmonirhat Sadar Police Station.
The baby is undergoing treatment in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of Lalmonirhat Sadar Hospital.
Her health condition is improving, Dr Tapan Roy, a paediatrician and neonatologist at Lalmonirhat Sadar Hospital, said.
Tarin Islam from Lalmonirhat town is one of those interested in adopting the newborn. She said she would apply to the court for adopting the baby.
“Medical reports have confirmed that I can’t give birth. If we get permission, the baby will be happy with us,” Tarin told our local correspondent.
The OC, however, said police are trying to identify the birth parents of the child.
Police will submit report with the court after investigation and the court will take a decision in this regard, he said.
A team of police rescued the baby from near a dustbin after a local called 999 and informed that the baby was shivering in cold.
Lalmonirhat Municipality Councilor Nur Islam said there were a few dogs around the dumpster when the baby was crying but none of the dogs touched her.
মা মৃণালিনীর ৫ ছেলে মুহূর্তের মধ্যে মারা গেল, ১ ছেলে হাসপাতালের নিবিড় পরিচর্যা কেন্দ্রে পড়ে রইল। সুস্থ থাকা একমাত্র সন্তান প্লাবন সুশীলও চোখের সামনে ৫ ভাইয়ের মর্মান্তিক মৃত্যু দেখে মানসিক ভারসাম্য…


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