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Some 240 people, who returned to Bangladesh from South Africa recently, could not be traced, said Health Minister Zahid Maleque.
“In the last one month 240 people have returned from South Africa, but after entering the country they could not be traced anymore as they kept their mobile phones switched off,” the minister said after an inter-ministerial meeting over Omicron today. 
Later, the local representatives were informed who then were able to track down a few of them, he added.
Emphasising the necessity of monitoring those who have arrived from abroad, the minister said it is important for local representatives to keep tabs on the returnees and ensure they are maintaining all kinds of health guidelines. 
In this case the houses of the returnees might even be marked with a flag, the minister added.
Regarding those arriving from the Omicron-infected countries, he said that they have to stay in 14 days institutional quarantine. Also, the responsibility of maintaining the quarantine facilities will be given to the Armed Forces.
Omicron Covid variant / Covid -19
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